Highly capable ISTAR asset in Land and Maritime domains

Military ISTAR, counter terrorism and border surveillance in an increasingly uncertain world means that an asset capable of fusing together world class sensor and communication intelligence data is essential.

Operational utility is paramount: Wide area coverage, rapid deployment, all-weather, fully automated take-off and landing with dual redundancy on critical systems a fundamental capability. WK-X has all of these attributes, tested in nearly 100,000 operational flying hours with the British Army. 

Combined with its tactical strike capability, this further crucial dimension to WK-X provides an accurate, proportional response to many of today’s operational military challenges.

WK–X integrates EO/IR & SAR/GMTI sensors and COMINT, allowing the data to be analysed and exploited from a mobile Ground Control Station and other Remote Viewing Terminals as required.

It operates equally well in Land, Maritime and Littoral Environments, day and night certified at NATO standards and also to fly over civilian populated areas.

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