U-TacS was created in 2005 for the purpose of delivering a specific Tactical Unmanned Air System capability to the British Army. 

The Watchkeeper programme has successfully integrated 40 UAVs with world class sensors to an airframe that has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance and reliability all over the world.

From this strong foundation in delivery of Watchkeeper as an essential ISTAR node, UTacS has evolved into a centre of excellence for this technology, that can now offer the next generation UAS to the international market. WK-X can bring a step change in utility for military operators all over the world, yet still retains the outstanding ISTAR capability of the original British Army platform.

We are an agile SME that can draw upon multinational parent companies with a joint global presence in over 70 countries worldwide delivering a joint turnover in excess of $25Bn. We have access to a significant range of relevant technologies such as UAV platforms, avionics and control systems, state of the art surveillance, detection, targeting and intelligence fusion capabilities.

U-TacS History


Watchkeeper System Accreditation

The Watchkeeper System is certified in accordance with:

Def Stan 05-123, which applies to Design and Flight Certification

The System Safety Case was generated against:

Def Stan 00-56 with a compliance gap analysis against Def-Stan 00-970 and an analysis covered development and qualification of software and complex electronic hardware 

Unmanned Aircraft Structural Integrity: 

STANAG 4671 UAV Systems Airworthiness Requirements (USAR) for NATO Military UAV Systems

STANAG 4671 is the UAV equivalent of CS-23. CS-23 is the standard for civil aircraft below 5.5 tons

Engine Certification to:

EASA CS-E ; Certification Specifications for Engines and FAR 23 which is the US equivalent of CS-23

UAV Power to:


Mission System & Imagery

 STANAG 7023 Air Reconnaissance Imagery

STANAG 4609 NATO Digital Motion Imagery

STANAG 4607 NATO Ground Moving Target Indicator Format (GMTI)

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